CEDS Plan and Annual Reports

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The 2015 Greater Franklin County CEDS Plan and subsequent Annual Reports are available for download below.

2019 CEDS Annual Report (PDF file, 3.9 mb), and 2019 CEDS Report Summary (PDF file, 1.7 mb)

2018 CEDS Annual Report (PDF file, 2.3 mb), and 2018 CEDS Report Summary (PDF file, 1.4 mb)

2017 CEDS Annual Report (PDF file, 2.0 mb), and 2017 CEDS Report Summary  (PDF file, 1.4 mb)

2016 CEDS Annual Report (PDF file, 4.2 mb), and  2016 CEDS Report Summary (PDF file, 1.4 mb)

2015 Greater Franklin County CEDS Plan (PDF file, 1.8mb), 2015 CEDS Plan Summary (PDF file, 1.2mb), and 2015 CEDS Plan Poster (PDF file, 824 kb)