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Franklin County Transportation Planning Organization Public Participation Plans (PPP) provide the opportunity for interested parties to comment on the transportation planning that the FCTPO does for the region. The following are the required elements:

  • Make Regional Transportation Plans (RTP), Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP), Unified Planning Work Programs (UPWP), and other transportation studies available for public review in advance of board meetings where documents will be endorsed.
  • The PPP should provide opportunities for the public to offer commentary, which should be scheduled at convenient and accessible places and times.
  • The PPP must use visualization techniques. These techniques may vary but can include maps, transportation models, and animation.
  • Provide the RTP, TIP, UPWP, and other transportation studies in electronic format on the Internet. These are provided on the FRCOG website.

2022 Public Participation Plan
2016 Public Participation Plan (PDF, 1 MB)
2010 Public Participation Plan (PDF, 977 kb)

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