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Franklin County is rich in natural resources, scenic landscapes, and protected open space – all of which provide various opportunities for outdoor recreation.  The activities range from whitewater rafting and bicycling to hiking and birdwatching.  A strong outdoor recreational sector has many benefits to the region including improving the overall livability, providing an environment for better health outcomes as a result of increased physical activity, and increased economic development opportunities related to tourism-based recreation.

Access to outdoor recreation is an important consideration for encouraging participation.  The plan looks at the recreational assets in the region through a transportation and access lens. During the development of the Plan, FRCOG staff conducted a comprehensive inventory of the outdoor recreation assets in Franklin County and completed outreach to the Towns and recreation facility managers for input.  The plan provides guidance and recommendations for improving and expanding access to outdoor recreation in the county.

Franklin County Outdoor Recreation Plan (PDF, 3 MB)

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