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Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) include a wide variety of layered, non-medical harm reduction strategies such as isolation and quarantine, enhanced hygiene, protective equipment, and social distancing which mitigate the hazards and risks associated with different threats. We all have had a crash-course in NPI over the last year. Prior to this, however, many towns had never heard of NPIs, let alone considered how they would plan for or implement NPIs.

Prior to the pandemic, WRHSAC had begun work to raise awareness of NPI and to develop an implementation guide for Public Health and other municipal officials. The NPI Quick Implementation Guide is designed to walk Boards of Health and community officials through the process of determining the need for NPI based on a variety of hazards and their transmission routes using a step-by-step process that aids implementation, communications, determining needed resources, ensuring health equity, monitoring data, and demobilization.

NPI Quick Implementation Guide (PDF, 437 kb)


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