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Eight Franklin County communities are working together to proactively identify, create and support pollinator habitat in and around areas of development to respond to declining populations of native pollinator species. The FRCOG worked with Greenfield, Heath, Shelburne, Conway, Bernardston, Montague, Wendell, and Orange to map local pollinator resource areas and identify corridor linkages at both the municipal and regional scale. This plan addresses the overall decline of native wild pollinators in the county by identifying existing and potential pollinator habitat in participating towns and presenting both general and town-specific strategies to strategically create or expand habitat in order to create “corridors” and “stepping stones” that connect existing habitat areas. Taken together, the work of the eight participating towns creates the Regional Pollinator Action Plan for Franklin County, the first of its kind in Massachusetts.

Town/City Pollinator Plans

Read more about our summer 2023 continuation efforts and see some local updates on our Regional Pollinator Plan project page.

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