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The creation of the Director of Rural Affairs position was one of the top priorities of the MA Rural Policy Advisory Commission. The quick action to implement that priority by the Healey-Driscoll administration was a significant win for Franklin County and all rural communities within the Commonwealth. The Appointment of Senator Gobi furthers that win, and we are thrilled by the potential that lies before us.

Some of the reasons why we at the FRCOG are excited about the appointment of Senator Anne Gobi as the first Director of Rural Affairs in the Commonwealth:

  • She knows the full legislature in the Commonwealth, and fully understands how the legislative process works
  • She knows the range of existing state agencies and how they do, or do not, interact
  • She understands from experience the issues that rural communities face

Senator Gobi will walk into the Director of Rural Affairs role with the networks built, the issues understood, and the ability to move forward from Day One.

We congratulate Senator Gobi, thank Governor Healey and Lt. Governor Driscoll, and look forward to participating in moving the rural policy agenda forward!

To learn more about the Rural Policy Advisory Committee, and the 2019 Rural Policy Plan, visit:

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