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The FRCOG’s transportation staff is accepting requests for the 2021 Traffic Counting Program. We offer vehicle volume, classification, and speed counts, as well as bicycle counts and intersection turning movement counts. All traffic counts are available to our member communities at no charge.

Speed counts include detailed reports of vehicle speeding statistics that can help to assess citizens’ concerns, verify if unsafe speeding is occurring, and identify the best times of day to conduct effective speed enforcement. New this year, we are now able to collect spot speed data that can be used to evaluate posted speed limits. Although the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us, traffic volumes are steadily returning to normal levels. The FRCOG Traffic Counting Program will continue to monitor volume trends at key regional locations this season. We can advise on the appropriate timing to collect any traffic data you may need.

Please send in any requests for traffic counts using this form. Please submit a separate form for each count location.

2021 Traffic Count Request Form

Please contact Laurie Scarbrough at [email protected] for more information.

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